Data Streaming Service Agreement

In summary this agreement between GD3D® / Garsdale Design Limited and the customer sets out the restrictions and uses of the GD3D® data Streaming Service.

The data service is intended as a 3D streaming building dataset for use primarily as a visualisation layer in projects in 3D software and web services on the Esri platform.

The following is a basic summary of our and the customers responsibilities:

  • This gives you a licence to use our streaming service within your ArcGIS Online organisation account for the terms of the licence (generally 1 year)
  • This gives you a licence to use our streaming service within all the 3D applications and maps on the Esri platform. ArcGIS Online, ArcGISPro ArcGIS Earth, Storymaps and web applications.
  • This agreement does not permit you to copy, distribute or resell our data service. If you require any of this we can enter in to a separate agreement (subject to appropriate fee).
  • We will endeavour to maintain and update as appropriate our data service and notify you of any potential disruptions or changes to our service.
  • As with all visualisation data services the GD3D® Streaming Service is provided ‘as-is’ and we cannot be held responsible for any decisions you make as a result of this data.

We remind you that as a 3D building data service we cannot promise 100% and up-to-date coverage all the time.  We will however publish capture dates and publish update plans to customers.

You can view and download the GD3D Data Streaming Service Agreement here.