CityEngine Pro Tools

CityEngine Pro Tools

What is CEPT?

CityEngine Pro Tools or ‘CEPT’ is designed as an expandable helper application for users of ArcGIS CityEngine.  To expand or add new features we’ve a workflow to follow as well as a few settings files to edit, think of it as a framework where that you can use to add your own scripts (or others).   At its core is the CEPT app, a simple always on top interface for custom scripts and tool shortcuts that might help make your CityEngine projects work a little smoother.

By its very nature all the code is available to see and modify to fit your needs, but if you don’t fancy coding yourself, we also provide a range of ‘plugin’ scripts which can easily be added to CEPT. No other modules are required for this to work only Jython and it’s associated modules that come with ArcGIS CityEngine (good news for those who have IT departments!)

PLEASE NOTE: You need to be confident mucking around a bit with text files and code as well as image creation (for toolbar buttons) to get the most out of this tool.  Plugins will be available for download and/or purchase which will individually have installation instructions.

Launch date?

Well to be honest we’re not quite ready yet! GD3D hopes to release this as a paid for product around (hopefully just before!) the EsriUK’s Annual Conference so 14th of May 2024.


We have yet to decide specific prices, but it is anticipated that CEPT Core will be one price with additional prices for each ‘plugin’ for CEPT, this way we can keep costs lower and you can get what you need. We will also allow separate users to develop their own plugins and to use in our interface. Think of how SketchUP works with Ruby scripts and plugins (an inspiration for this was the Smustard site for SketchUP helper scripts).

Tech Support?

We will provide limited support for CEPT once released, we’re hoping the included manual and quick help guides will be enough. We may run a few workshops to help people get up and running. It will be difficult for us to provide detailed technical support for every scenario but we will do our best!


The CEPT app has two fixed menu headings File and Help as well a fixed footer for control of GUI colours, these parts you have to really know Jython to modify are outlined in red below.

However, if you want to add your own menus and buttons there are two settings files that you can easily modify using a tool like notepad!  So, if you want to add specific custom scripts to specific menu headings or a button, you can do that quickly and easily. We’ve also provided some resources to make your own toolbar buttons too!

Fundamentally though, each of these GUI elements requires you to either have created your own Jython script for use in CityEngine or for you to have downloaded from elsewhere (you can get some more from us here soon) .

CEPT justToolbar

A simple separate toolbar application that works in the same way (and uses the same settings file as CEPT Core). We’ve also provided some resources to make your own toolbar buttons too!

Plugins Available

The following plugins have been created these will available as additional purchases (some may just be free it depends how much work we put into them!) at launch of CEPT.

Initially just a list of scripts that will be available, we will add more information about each near release time.

Work the way you want to

Designed to be added to, you can add your custom tools to the interface. Work the way you want to. You will need to know a bit of jython/python/java to fully take advantage of this useful tool.