CityEngine Pro Tools

CityEngine Pro Tools

What is CEPT?

CEPT is a new modular tool built around a collection of helper jython scripts for ArcGIS CityEngine. Its central GUI gives the CityEngine power user access to helper scripts to smooth out some of those workflows. It is designed and built so that additional tools can be added, relatively easily and gives users the ability to add some of their code snippets easily.

Current File Menu Tool List

Please Note: Current setup and tool selection subject to change as project continues. I am aware some of the tools may not be under the best named menu headings currently.

  • File
    • Gather Files*
    • Duplicate CGA
    • Flush CGB files
  • Edit
    • Search* (needs more work I admit but hopefully will have a better way to search your geometry and their attributes)
    • Create Task List (Method to record and save steps in a workflow for recall later)
    • Create Test Grid (Creates a square grid of user defined size and number and adds a street network)
    • Centre Shape Group
    • Centre All Shapes
  • Selection
    • Clear Selection
    • Zoom around selection (gives a list of selected shape names to zoom to)
    • Select where not default start rule
    • Select by Start Rule
    • Select All Shapes
    • Select All Visible Shapes
    • Select All Blocks
    • Select All Nodes
    • Select All Street Segments
    • Setup Selection Layer Attributes*
    • Rename Shapes Advanced
    • Reset Start Rules (useful for streetnetworks where someone has accidentally applied the wrong rule/start rule)
  • CGA
    • Commonly used CGA scripts/snippets from GD3D
    • add your own to this menu through an easy process!
  • Streets
    • Remove Roundabouts (not so much of an issue now but remember when CE added roundabouts to all end of lines?!)
  • Shapes
    • Extract ‘attr’ from Rule (prints information to console)
    • Explore Shape USER defined attributes (prints information to console)
    • Identify & Bookmark shapes with USER overrides
  • Terrains
    • Make Extent Shapes from Terrains (this makes a nice polygon that reflects your getmap terrain/imagery data)
  • Bookmarks
    • Make Shapes From bookmarks (handy for exporting and using in ArcGIS Pro)
    • Bookmarks from Shape(s) (shapes must have unique names)
    • Bookmarks from Shape(s) (set unique names)
  • Exports
    • Export Selected Model(s) to FBX for Twinmotion* (yes I know you have a menu for this but this is intended to remember all the settings I needed)
    • Export Bookmarks to ArcGIS Pro (Export all bookmarks to a format ArcGIS Pro can read!)
    • Export to Paper Size (metric paper sizes only currently, but you can say export viewport view/bookmark at say 150dpi and at A4)
  • Advanced
    • Colour Picker RGB
    • Add Metadata to CGA
    • Manage Dashboards*
    • PEA Exporter**
    • ChatGPT CGA Helper**
  • Help
    • GD3D Help – Custom helper from GD3D
    • GD3D Link to website
    • About

* denotes work in progress
**integration with our Planning Engagement Application is planned
*** wishful thinking!

Task List

How many times have you completed a workflow or set of steps in CityEngine only to forget it later? The built in task list manager allows you to create and save step by step workflows.

Work the way you want to

Designed to be added to, you can add your custom tools to the interface. Work the way you want to. You will need to know a bit of jython/python/java to fully take advantage of this useful tool.